Supply Chain Security Association YMC


The Supply Chain Security Association (SCSA) specifies a minimum formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement for Prospective Members and YMC members; its policy is to strongly encourage CPD thereafter. The SCS-CPD record will be taken into account when considering any application for Fellowship.

In order to train more future leaders who are getting interest in supply chain related field, there are three levels for SCSA Youth Member Committee (YMC) membership: YMC Prospective Members, YMC Regular Members and YMC Youth Fellow Members.

YMC Prospective Members

Those who may take part in supply chain related field in the future can first become a YMC Prospective Member. This level of membership can enjoy a huge benefit from participating activities organized by SCSA YMC without paying registration fee.

Prospective period is limited to 6 months . Once that period is over, the YMC Prospective Members should upgrade to YMC Regular Members in order to keep on enjoying the benefits of being one of the family members in SCSA. Once YMC Prospective Members are registered in SCSA, they can never downgrade to have a Prospective Membership once prospective period is over.

YMC Regular Members

This membership suits for those youngsters getting interested in supply chain related industry or being appreciative of activities organized by SCSA YMC. The requirement of being YMC Regular Members from Prospective Members is to fulfill 50 SCS-CPDs and payment of registration ($ 120).

For the first-year registration, there is an extra administration fee, $80. Therefore, for the first-year Regular Members, they have to pay $200 for registration. From the first year onwards, $120 is required to continue their status as Regular Members each year.

The effective period of membership is from the first of October in the current year to the end of September next year. Those who join within 3 months before October will enjoy the benefits of Elastic Registration Period (ERP), in which the applicants will automatically continue the Regular Membership till the end of the next membership period (September next year).

On the other hand, the annual registration fee will be halved for the half-year membership if the applicants make the registration from 1st Apr onwards until reaching the ERP. For details, please refer to the Case Study.

YMC Youth Fellow Member

This membership cannot be applied by any Prospective Members or Regular Members directly. YMC Youth Fellow Member is an honored membership. Those who are able to upgrade to this membership will be certificated by the Committee of Supply Chain Security Association and will be published to the public.

The requirement of being YMC Youth Fellow Members from Regular Members is only to obtain an extra of 150 SCS-CPDs yearly. And the measurement period should be within the membership effective period and will not be accumulated to next membership effective period.